Heidi Kohz

Photo by Doug Hanson

Born Out West, brief stint Back East, became her best in the Midwest, Heidi has a diverse background straddling both hemispheres (of her brain). Known for organizing and wrangling skills in the business world, she now strongly embraces her first love: the arts. She has a BA in music performance and training in dance which has been ever-present in her life since she was a wee one. To that basket of goodies she has added photography, water color painting, writing, languages and is a connector of like-minded folks who should get to know each other better. Heidi is moved by beauty in things both great and small and desires to inspire others to see the world in different ways.

What’s next?

Completing and publishing a coffee table book of her father’s scenic photography of Lake Tahoe and the surrounding area.

Finding a home for her new artist loft space: an intimate venue for performance, learning, connecting and collaborating, in a post-covid world.