Amsterdam: Bikes, Canals, and the Dutch sense of humor – Part 1

Part 1: Modes of Transportation

There are many ways to get around Amsterdam, but the most popular by far is bicycle. There are more bikes than people. Bikes have their own lane, and right of way over cars and pedestrians. There’s a technique drivers use to avoid “dooring” a bike, by using their right hand to open the driver door, rather than the left. That way you are more likely to look over your shoulder behind your car to see if a bike is coming. Check it out.

There is the standard Dutch bike.

But there are so many bikes!

So you have to make sure yours stands out in the crowd.
amsterdam-trans-6-copy     art-and-other-21

There are bikes for cargo.
amsterdam-trans-1-copy     amsterdam-trans-8-copy

And even the mailman delivers by bike.

In bad weather, just cover your bike.
amsterdam-trans-5-copy    amsterdam-trans-14-copy

There are other methods of transportation and the Dutch do it in style.

You can go by canal.
modes-of-transport-8-copy     modes-of-transport-7 modes-of-transport-6     modes-of-transport-4

How about just a loaner boat.

You can always go by car.
modes-of-transport-9    amsterdam-trans-3-copy

Don’t go too fast – this one could tip over if you go faster than 40km (25mph) around a corner.
Just hide it behind a tree:

Then there are delivery trucks
amsterdam-trans-13-copy   amsterdam-trans-10-copy
Insert human to put their size in perspective:

How about a race car?

Or the most ridiculous vehicle (because I don’t know how you can get it over the canals, or around any tight corner, of which there are many):

Or let’s just go for something more laid back:


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