The Butterfly Project

At the end of August (2023) I will be making a pilgrimage to a temple in the middle of the desert. This temple is known as the Temple of the Heart and will be in the shape of an upside down flower. Walking inside and looking up will be like looking into the heart of a rose. This temple is nondenominational and is a sacred space for those making the pilgrimage.

I will be bringing offerings from friends and strangers alike, in the form of words that will be written on special origami paper and folded into butterflies. The butterflies will then be attached to the inside of the temple.

Would you like to send one with me? We can gather in person (if you’re in the Chicago area) to write the words and fold the paper, or you can write me privately and I will memorialize your words on a butterfly and take it with me. This can be anything: a memorial to a loved one, something you want to release that no longer serves you, something you’d like to call in. Butterflies are powerful symbols of personal transformation. Let’s connect

On Sunday September 3rd, the temple will be set aflame and all the energy and intention planted within the temple will be released into the ether, carrying the messages forth.